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Through continuous innovation, Kenda Tires has grown to be a leading manufacturer of motorcycle, ATV, industrial, trailer and automotive tires. Kenda is a fast growing brand, and is expanding into new tire categories, and developing new models on a constant basis.

As for product depth, Kenda’s line of ATV tires include 27 different styles. One of our best selling ATV tires is the Bear Claw edition.  The Bear Claw K299 has a deep lug tread pattern, and is extremely versatile.  It is made with 6-ply construction that will give you durability no matter what sort of terrain.  

Like in ATV tires, Kenda has a massive assortment of Motorcycle Tires.  A lot of what goes into their street, and motocross tires came from their winning history in 2-wheel motorsports of all disciplines.

And for your daily driver, Kenda recently launched a new line of value priced automotive tires.  One of the lines is the great priced Klever tire that is made for all makes and models of SUVs and light trucks.  If you regularly go off-road in really severe off-roading conditions like deep mud, then Kenda’s Klever M/T KR29 should be a consideration.  The Klever M/T delivers more mechanical traction thanks to the large voids between the deep self-cleaning lugs, and with doubled-up steel-belts in the casing, it is reinforced to avoid flats out on the trail.

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